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Waterfowl Hunting Outer Banks - SunriseWaterfowl Hunting North Carolina

Waterfowl hunting in North Carolina provides a great experience. The Outer Banks provides waterfowl with great wintering grounds.

We all know a successful hunt starts early, even before the sun rises above the beautiful Pamlico Sound. Typically we’ll head out early at 5:00 from the Hatteras Harbor Marina in our 24′ Carolina Skiffs. Our departure location may change to provide better access to where the ducks will be. Nothing beats being out on the water as you watch the sunrise bring out the beautiful color of the sky. Just imaging that within a short time you’ll start bagging some beautiful ducks.

We would like to make your experience enjoyable so here are some preparation tips we have for you. We strongly suggest a 100% rain coat for the boat ride out, waders are a must have. Before you make your trip down please double and triple check them to make sure there are no leaks. We carry extra gear with us in case there is a leaking pair of waders.

Our Recommendations

We recommend a 12-gauge shotgun with your favorite choke tube for duck hunting. Also remember you must use steel shot. Hevi-Shot is my recommendation for quality shot. Yes it costs a little more but is well worth it. There are some days you may only get one chance at a long shot and you don’t want to be shooting a cheap brand of shells. Our hunting day ends at 1:00 unless weather is an issue then it could change.

License Requirements

Lastly, remember you are required to have a valid North Carolina hunting license with a North Carolina waterfowl privilege, and a Federal Duck Stamp.

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